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of a breeze. >> thank you, tuck. >> that's about it. >>> let's head out to the roads. julie wright haze look. you've been here. i'm just joining you all. good morning to you. >> you will fine the lane are open if you are making the trip along the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. southbound 270 out of rockville looked good. no problems reported on the top stretch approaching and passing 109 and the bottom side in each intersection. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> despite the blazing temperatures, residents in montgomery and prince george's counties are being told not to water their lawns. those mandatory water restrictions still in effect as crews continue to work on that problematic water main in potomac. that pipe has been repaired. now, crews are flushing it out but residents will have to continued to conserve water until further notice. >> my poor tomato plants. nothing i can do about it. i have to sit and watch them die and start all over again. >> we need for finish the repairs an be comfortable with the water in the distribut
's find out what is going on on the roadways. is it hot on the roads? julie wright, good morning. >> good morning. moving pretty well in montgomery county. no problems reported on the beltway between college park and bethesda. we have the lane open right now southbound 270 leaving montgomery village avenue continuing down towards 370. overnight road work has cleared from the right side of the highway. you are at speed as you continue through the rockville interchanges headed out towards the split. right now, no problems to report leaving manassas continuing eastbound into centreville and continuing out towards vienna. beltway inner loop, no problems to report leaving annandale headed up towards merrifield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> another scorcher is on tap. >> that means more triple digit temperatures. the heat wave has already had an effect on the rails and power too. sarah similar monday is -- simmons is live down on the national mall. 80-something degrees at 5:00 in the morning. >> it is hard to imagine. but this is the time fa folks would love to run on the
. julie wright has a look at on- time traffic. good morning. >> good morning to you. we are starting off on a good note. no accidents to report. since about 2:00 this morning, that big tbreesy mess we had to clean up yesterday along u street has been cleaned up. roads are back to normal. feel tree to travel as you commute between 16th and ninth street. -- that big greasy mess we had to clean up yesterday along u street has been cleaned up. coming across the american legion bridge, no accidents to reported. traffic smooth sailing from montgomery county down into fairfax and vice versa. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> thousands of people in our area are in the dark this morning. >> pepco crews are working to restore power to customers in maryland and the district. audrey barnes joins us now. she is live in northwest in a neighborhood where the lights are out at this hour. good morning. >> reporter: the lights are out and it could be a very hot and sticky morning for about 5,000 pepco customers in d.c., montgomery and prince george's county because of an overnight outage.
minutes. let's get to julie wright with the traffic. >>> it's been busy in virginia, especially at route 50 at 7100. accident reported there. and the crew in sky fox just with us a few minutes ago showing us the crash eastbound on 66 on the exit to go northbound along 495. the police fire and rescue unit still here on the scene. this is the ramp northbound toward the dulles toll road and as they pan out you can clearly see not only does it slow at 7100 and at 123 and a continuous delay through vienna exiting on 495 and back up toward 270. for those exiting to the left, that's the exit for the outer loop of the beltway and as you can see, traffic is moving there, albeit slowly, but it is moving. but traffic inbound on 66 in the direction of the beltway to go northbound on 495, accident on that ramp, stay single file to the left to get through. beltway slow between 236 and 66 and again 395 as we take it inside on the brakes traveling from edsel past duke street up to seminary. traffic across the inbound 14th street bridge. great seneca highway southbound past the hospital, you will find th
. >> it sure does. >> let's say good morning to julie wright and welcome her back on this tuesday morning. hi, julie. >> hey! welcome back to the mess that is our morning commute. at least that is what it was yesterday from what i hear and again this morning, a lot of you waking up in the dark unfortunately and heading out the front door. going to find a number of the traffic lights are not working. for those that are watching us this morning, if you think yesterday was bad it won't be a lot better this morning. you need to leave early. i know this myself. a lot of the traffic lights that have been reported out that are not working, they are not in sync, not in rush hour mode. so pack your patience. allow extra time out there on the highways. again, 29, for example, here at four corner, as you travel north of this intersection leaving university boulevard headed up towards tech road, we are told from a number of callers that the lights are not working. you need to treat that as a four-way stop. a portion of 270 out to air park road, signal lights not
know about that coming up. let's get to julie wright with the fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> we're busy on the roads. we're dealing with a water main break, right side of the road tieing up at denning. and this is a commute on the outer loop leaving new hampshire avenue toward georgia avenue and we're heavy, slow and steady at this point. all lanes here are open. if you're making the trip in virginia right into the sun, heavy, slow and steady and that's the volume and how she rolls in the direction of the wilson bridge. nothing along the way but volume. and slow at prince william parkway to the occuquan. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> more now on the record heat wave along the east coast from here in the nation's capital to new york city. residents are braving the heat by using cooling centers and blasting air-conditioning and staying hydrates. >> i'm keeping cool. >> is that helping? >> yeah. but you have to come out of the stores slowly into the heat. >> listen to your body and if you are feeling hot your kids are too. >> listen to this stat. last june the average
to the forecast. it will be warmer today. we'll tell you about that. julie wright will have an update on the big problems on the beltway this morning. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. eef tes  ecic [trumpet playing "reveille" throughout] reviving the economy means reinventing the way we do business. here's to the owners showing us the way. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence] >>> two big shows coming up ativey lube live this weekend. we are giving you a chance to win tickets to both of them this morning. we are giving away tickets to the john mayer concert. all you have to do is answer the trivia question you see on your screen. what instrument does he say he tried if a while in middle school. was it the drums, the flute, the clarinet or the trumpet? give it your best shot. >> probably something we wouldn't even think of. go to and you will find the contest rules there on the entertainment page. you do have to be 18 years old to enter and we'll select two winners by random drawing. the tuckets provided by live nation entertainment
. coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. >>> let's check in with julie wright and say good morning to her. >> good morning to you all. already busy out on the roads this morning. if you are traveling in virginia, we are now receiving word of an accident with a medevac helicopter enroute closing a portion of the prince william parkway over near davis ford road. so keep that in mind. westbound on the freeway, they are checking for a stalled car near the exit for 12th street. as you make your way over to 6th and 7th, not seeing anything here but approaching 12th street, left lane is blocked. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> now to the fight over arizona's immigration law. the law is now in effect as of midnight. but a federal judge imposed some restrictions on the law right before the midnight deadline. the judge issued a temporary injunction on some parts of the law meaning the most controversial parts of the law are on hold until the judge can make a final decision on them. parts that she temporarily removed requiring immigrants to carry papers, banning illegals from
just enjoy the weather. now, worried about traffic? julie wright is here. >> it would be nice when we had a day we didn't have to worry about traffic. that is not case. already the construction on the inner loop causing a little bit of a slow downat 236 although it is in the process of being cleared. 395 northbound leaving duke street, lanes are open, no problems to report headed towards seminary road. on the inner loop, we are receiving word of the dais abled vehicle tying up the far right lane at tyson's. southbound 270 approaching 109, lanes are open here as you travel out of frederick. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> our big story, a nightmare for passengers on board a metro train headed into the district from montgomery county. they were stuck on that train for three hours because of downed power lines. it happened right in the middle of rush hour causing commuter chaos on the red line. the train was temporarily stopped under the spring street overpass in silver spring. fox 5's audrey barnes joins us live from the forest blend metro where those weary passengers
will be okay. let's go over to julie wright and see how traffic is moving early on this thursday or friday eve as she like to call it. >> it just sounds a little bit nicer. so far, so good. no incidents to report if you are traveling the top stretch of the beltway between collect park and bethesda. coming in on 29, the lanes are open. still in the process of restoring power to a number of lights. but as of yesterday afternoon, only about 15 lights still without power so a lot of improvement there with the signal lights. unfortunately, still a lot of people waking up in the dark today. if you are traveling south on 270, lanes are open out of germantown northbound north of 28 in the local lanes. they to have roadwork still in place. this is northbound i-95 out of newington. no accidents to report. the pace is good as you travel north of 7100 continue up towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> now to a developing story that we are following out of prince william county. a police standoff is now in its 11th hour. we are told it began about 50 yesterday afternoon with
later today. >> julie wright is standing by with a look at traffic early on this thursday. >> good news in you are traveling south on 270. all of of the lanes are open. 395 northbound coming across the 14th street bridge moving nice and smoothly. no problems reported as you cross over the potomac. 270 in the clear leaving germantown headed for the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> first, we are following developing news from the district. police have an area around 61th street and eastern avenue northeast cordoned off as they investigate a shooting between an officer and a suspect. the exchange of gunfire happened about midnight. we don't have any word on why police were after the suspect. it is also unclear whether they have the person in custody or whether he is still on the loose. police do say they recovered a weapon at the scene. >>> more water restrictions in our area after a massive water main break spewed water in our area. sherry ly has more from potomac. >> reporter: the water gushed like old faithful from a 24- inch pipe with a geisser higher tha
remember we were near 100 a couple of days ago. >> i would like to forget. thank you. >>> julie wright is back from her vacation to keep an eye on the roads for us today and first of all, welcome back. >> thank you. >> secondly, still lots of issues with traffic lights that are not working. >> you know, you walk into the dark when you get home and you are not sure what to expect. that is what we're dealing with again today and for a lot of folks waking up in the dark with no ac. not a fun way to start your day. we have a number of traffic lights that are dark right now. you will find a number of the signals that remain dark. if you come up to a traffic light where the signal is not working, you want to treat it as a four-way stop. lane are the capital beltway but you are in the dark. overheadlights not working at all. -- overhead lights not working at all. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> power crews are continuing to work to try to restore electricity to the thousands of people would lost it because of sunday's severe storms. here are the latest outage numbers. pepco
for coming out. we do appreciate it. >>> julie wright is standing by with a look at the roadways. >> and don't forget to share the biscuits. that's all i'm saying, don't forget. traveling around town, lanes are open on the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. and slow down toward georgia avenue. northbound 395 on the brakes across the 14th street bridge. heaviest volume on 95 between the prince william parkway and lorton with an earlier accident cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> all right. thank you very much, julie. we're going to go now to the wharf. >> yes, we are. where our friend holly morris is. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we're enjoying our morning on the wharf and learning a lot. last hour we talked about the development, what it has come to be, and what it meant in the past and what it hopes to mean in the future but right now we talk about the good it does. the town administrator is back with me. she joins me. >> we're here on bretton bay. >> reporter: we have a tough job hanging on the wash. >> much harder than
with the weather. we we athave more coming up in a little bit. right now lelet's go to julie wright for an update in traffic. >>> starting toff in virginia where 66 is the hot spot, delays in centreville en approaching 28. slow oa50 to 123 and nutley y street to the beltway. be 395 from seminary road toward shirlington, you'll find all lanes are open. just volume delays to accompany the trip. slow ttraffic across the 14th street bridge. we have reports e bof rifloodin macomb street so be careful through northwest washington. no shproblems from 270 down toward the american legion bridge. br traffic running freely. outer loop will slow between university boulevard and georgia avenue and of course 410 still shut down between connecticut and n bejones mill. that's due mito trees and wiresd down across wthe highway. hi that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. t >>> our big story this morning intense moments at orthe dupont metro station. a enough to send passengers in a bit of a panic. >> sarah pasimmons joins us liv from the metro station with the update on the situation that sparked a chaoti
a little bit. stick with us for that. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> we'll check in with julie wright would will be joining us a little bit later on. >> i little later? >> she is. >> i'm he told i'm supposed to bring breakfast. you guys figure out what it is you want already, will you? you will fine lanes are open in each direction down south at the wilson bring. southbound along 270, lanes are open leaving gaithersburg headed out towards the split. top side, outer loop below speed. in virginia, the big accident out in loudoun county is along 606. you will find police are still investigating there. 395 still slowing duke street to seminary road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> our top story, another chaotic episode on metro. this time, passengers stranded for hours in a train because of downed power lines. the train was stopped under the spring street overpass if silver spring. passengers weren't released until the coast was paid clear three hours later. audrey barnes join us live from forest glen with details. >> reporter: as you said, 41 passengers stranded on tha
to be in the hundred again by early next week. let's take with julie wright. she has the latest with on time traffic. >> i said julie. >> i thought, exclamation point. >> yes. >> story of my life, babe. often a question mark too. traveling south on 270. lanes are open out of german town as you continue southbound. lanes are open with light volume here. southbound behaving light. still looking at the -- coming inbound along 66, heavy volume right now approaching business 234. no other problems to complicate that drive for us. that's a check at your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> thank you so much. we welcome you back to leesburg virginia. larry michael the voice of the washington red skins joins us. we're going to talk a little training camp. coming up in a short amount of time and right down the road from here. >> starting on july 29th opening a training camp, i'll say it's 10 minutes down the road. all the fans are invited to come out. it starts on july 29th. 4:00 practice. the thing that's different this year, it's 15 open practices for the public. >> last year there was about eight open practices, t
on traffic with julie wright. >>> the big story this morning has got to be the beltway inner loop at 236 where now courtesy of sky fox we have seen the live pictures. we do know that standing water is confined to underneath the overpass at 236. v-dot has blocked off the far left lane from braddock toward 236. so you'll lose the left lane. only three lanes available to the right and traffic is slow past braddock headed up toward this overpass. so again, the water confined to underneath the overpass at 236, left lane closed off until further notice. we're told there is a problem with the drains and it's clogged and so until the water can reseat they will leave the left lane closed. and why for such a long stretch on the beltway. that i'm not so sure of. they could close it off closer to 236 but that's what they've done. left lane closed off inner loop of the beltway and now they are opening up the left lane here as you make your way north of braddock. we see that the cones there just before braddock have been moved over to the shoulder, but again narrowing down toward 236. a quick peeknd 2
an update on rush hour traffic from julie wright. >>> we're talking about 270 and the mess we've had to deal with this morning. it started off with a disabled vehicle south of 109. that has cleared. now we're left with rough pavement. overnight they've been doing some milling between 80 and 109 and the pavement uneven, very bumpy and that's keeping you on the brakes traveling south from 80 in urbana toward hyattstown. 355 feeling the heat. slow from 80 down to as far south as 121, on and off the brake as long that loop of the toward georgia avenue. no incidents on 29. that's below speed leaving white oak university boulevard. and traffic delays from bladensberg road toward the exit for the third street tunnel. no problems on kenilworth south of 50 headed to pennsylvania avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> we are continuing to follow the developments out of the gulf of mexico. a delay in the effort to stop the massive amount of oil gushing into the water there. >> there's been a snag during testing and matt acland is live in the news room with more. matt, good morning.
on the forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. let's get to julie wright. she's in with a look at our on- time traffic. >>> good morning to you sir. no accidents to report traveling down south at the wilson bridge. busy traveling 66 eastbound. not here at 7100 but a further east as you approach 50 to 123 and after nudly street to the beltway. the inner loop running smoothly. no incidents to report annandale to merrifield. 270 slow out toward the lane divide. traffic behaving nicely out of laurel. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> big story from over seas in africa in uganda where two bombs exploded killing 64. a california aid group said one of the american workers was among the dead. hillary clinton is condemning at tacks and the white house said the u.s. is ready to help the government. president said he's deeply saddened by the loss of life. >>> it is now day 84 of the gulf oil disaster and this morning crews are working to put a new cap on the well. the process is temporarily allowing even more oil to spew into the gulf of mexico. bp said in a a -- that a permanent solutio
coming from leonardtown in just a couple of minutes. let's get to traffic and julie wright. >> all right. right now, not a lot happening out there on the roads. they were checking for a crash along connecticut avenue at van ness. so far, we've come up empty handed which is good news for you out on the roads. no problems to report right now at the wilson bridge. this was the intersection of connecticut at van ness. traffic running smoothly in each intersection. you will find the top side of the beltway at speed leaving college park headed around towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> take a look now at our top stories, a double shooting in the district overnight. police are looking into two scenes. one in the 3500 block of 19th street southeast. the other one nearby in the 3400 block of stanton road. one person was killed. the victim is a young man believed to be about 18 or 19 years old. another person is seriously injured. police are now looking to see whether these two shootings may be connected begin their close proximity. we have the latest now o
in with her shortly. julie wright has a look at the rest of the roads. >> i was going to say, i'll tell you back on what she's talking about, the inner loop. we'll receiving word now that the drains are clogged. probably combination of just debris from the highway, plus of course, you know the leaves and limbs and that sort of thing gets clogged up and they will not drain properly, we do know the left lane is flooding. it's passable. so this is about the same area where we find sarah simmons she'll be reporting live from the scene. the inner loop you're going to lose that left lane of four there as you continue northbound. keep in mind this is in that same area where they've been doing a lot of road work as you travel between an nondale. that's where we're finding a lot of this standing water, not only here, but at the end of the ramp from eastbound 66 that right hand exit that will take you up, at the bottom of that ramp especially along the right side it's flooded as well. two separate areas, both in construction where we're finding that standing water in virginia. be very careful there.
's find out what is going on on the roads with julie wright. >> good morning to you all. right now, it is not looking so bad out there. we have the lane open in each direction down south at the wilson bridge. if you are traveling the outer loop of the beltway trying to exit at 50 arlington boulevard and head inbound towards seven corners. the remains of this pulled into the construction area. you can now exit as you make your way over towards route 50. the beltway itself open for business looking great as you travel in each direction between annandale and merrifield. southbound 270 on the brakes right now out of the hyattstown. no problems to report as you continue done through the truck scales. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> back to the morning's big story. it is day 2005 dangerous heat wave. as we mentioned earlier, it is blamed for two deaths, one in philadelphia, another in detroit. >> as of last friday, sick people had died of heat-related causes in maryland so far this year which was as many as all of 2009. virginia and d.c. have already seen
. >> er loose julie wright with the latest on the rush hour traffic. >> if there is triple digit heat, does that mean there is though ice cream? >> no ice cream for you. >> but as long as the forecast high is 90-degree or higher, which it is. >> cold stone creamery. >> i just wanted to make sure. we look forward to that. on the roads, southbound 270, lanes are open as you travel out of hyattstown. no incidents to report leaving germantown headed out towards rockville. if you are traveling northbound on the baltimore-washington parkway, authorities tell me they are checking for an accident near 197 possibly involving i motorcycle off to the road to the right. in virginia, 395 still running smoothly. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> thousands of people in our area are waking up without power this morning. pepco is reporting more than 5,000 outages in the district. bge has 345 customers in maryland in the dark and dominion power has 586 virginia customers without power right now. here is a live look at the chevy chase neighborhood in d.c. where power crews
to julie wright. she is here with a look at this morning's rush hour traffic. >> welcome back. haven't seen new a long time. >> it has been a long time. oh, look at you. >> it's hot, honey. >> but the hair and everything, i like it. >> absence makes the heart grow fonder. >> yeah, that will be over in a couple of hours. >> the crew in sky fox battling this heat. i do believe they are above the beltway at the bw parkway. we'll check out their cameras for you. if you are traveling north and south there, all of your lanes are open. no problems to report coming inbound on 50 this morning making your way from the bay bridge through annapolis and out towards bowie. speaking of kenilworth avenue, let's pull up that camera courtesy of you will find the lanes are open. northbound at benning, we had a water main break there. no problems report the through rockville. lanes are open as you continue southbound towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> tony mentioned the heat wave is stretching up to canada. in toronto, temperatures climbed to 9
and how long it will stick around. julie wright is back with a look at your on-time traffic right after the break. ♪ think fast, go slow ♪ now i know ♪ freedom is all that i need [ female announcer ] ladies, raise your spoons. now there's nothing left standing between you and a satisfying breakfast. introducing special k® low-fat granola. with 50% less fat than the leading granola and 5 grams of fiber per serving, it's a satisfying way to help you manage your weight. special k® low-fat granola -- a taste of freedom. >>> the japanese eating champ is a free man after spending a night in a new york jail. he was involved in a scuffle with police when he tried to get on stage at sunday's annual nathan's hot dog eating contest even though he wasn't a contestant today. he pleaded not guilty to several charges including disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. he is scheduled to be in court on august 5th. by the way, he says he had a sandwich in jail. no hot dogs. >> that whole thing is getting out of control. when you're signing contracts to see how much you can eat. >> he wanted his 1
details. speaking of sunshine julie wright will be here with your on time traffic that coming up right after the break. hebrew national hot dogs are made with butcher quality cuts of 100 percent pure kosher beef. people say they're so good maybe it's time they were called something new. they are the royalty of hot dogs, i call them queen elizabeefs! hebrew national. the better than a hot dog hot dog. >>> it's 15 minutes in front of 5:00 on this wednesday morning. a live look at our nation's capital. i know i ran into a little bit roll -- bit of fog on my way in. we needed it an we got it. >> we needed it and we didn't need over 2 inches of rain. >> i know. y'all were calling for quite a bit of rain. >> we sure got it. a lot of flooding problems over night. we're quieting down now. i'm going to show you the radar here in just a second. but the worst of it is over as we, you know, deluge around here. >> yes, we did. >> i will show you from the radar -- i will show you. >> what will you showus? >> that's what i'll show you, i'll show you conditions are generally quieter than they were, ea
forecast. julie wright will be in with a look at your on-time traffic as well coming up right after the break. [ female announcer ] the best way to predict the future... to create it. [ female announcer ] discover the power to create a new future for your skin. only aveeno positively radiant moisturizer has total soy, combining the best of nature with the proof of science for a whole new level of radiance. it's clinically proven to visibly reduce blotchiness, brown spots and other past damage while breakthrough spf 30 helps prevent future damage. healthier, more radiant skin. it's in your future now. [ female announcer ] positively radiant. the beauty of nature and science. only from aveeno.  >>> welcome back. the water woes are finally over for nearly two million maryland residents. the mandatory restricts were lifted yesterday. for sick days, customers in montgomery and prince george's counties were told to conserve because of a water main about to break in potomac. the pipe has now been fixed. wssc says the tests show the water is finally saf
forecast and julie wright is in with a look at your traffic coming up in just a few minutes. ecic >>> check this out, in illinois, 100 dogs participated in the air jumping contest. they got a running start -- >>> the contest looks to see which contest leaps the furtherrest. they are fashionly ranked for their jumping skills. >> they should be. they are pretty good, huh? >> the border collie was really cute. te. >>> in the next couple of days, it will get more how many of we have got to keep it cool and with an increasing chance of showers and thunderstorms. i know, maybe after saturday, we don't want them, but we are going to get them. >> we need them. bring it on. >> we are talking about temperatures fairly comfortable at this hour. nice from the region. typically, running a little hotter this year. 75 in town. off to the north and west, 64 in gatersburg. 64 in frederick. 65 -- 73 in annapolis and 73 in stevensville. our afternoon high temperatures with increasing clouds, upper 80s to about 90. out to the west. more cloud cover in your forecast, your temperature will be mid-to upper 80s, t
'll take it, thanks, tuck. >> let go to julie wright with a look at traffic. >>> you are going to find yourself at speed, 95, 295, working your way into laurel. as you travel westbound 495 and continue through silver spring. southbound as you continue to white oak. 270 busy, 6 on the brakes as you travel east of fair oaks heading in 123. nothing but traffic here, no accidents to report. that's a check of your "fox 5" on time traffic. fic. now to developing news from africa where two bombs exploded in venues packed with people watching the world cup finals. one of these went off in a restaurant. a california a group sent one of its american workers, that was killed in the blast. uganda police think one of the somalia most feared terrorist groups planned the attacks. that group is linked to al- qaida. >> roman polanski wanted in california for a sex case dating back to 1977. he is fighting that extradiction. there will be a news conference in two hours to see about polanski's extradiction. >>> a deadly house fire in the distribute is under investigation. the victim, 84-year-old ruby harr
on the forecast. we'll let you know what we expect to see. take the umbrella you may need it. julie wright will tell us about traffic. there are big problems out on east west highway. that and more when we return. ecic . >>> welcome back at 5:15. we look at the washington monument. 74 degrees. and maybe, maybe we can cool things down a little bit, tony. >> a little bit. just a degree or two. >> the humidity is thick out there. >> and that's the problem, i mean it's not, today will not feel better than any other day we had recently t will be warm and temperatures in the 80s. and the humidity is high. you can feel that already. and the air is soupy this morning. plenty of moisture out there. some people are seeing rain fall out there. let's look at hd radar. where it is raining now. that is all primarily to the east and the most part the storminess that we have seen during the last, say, 12 hours. it has been east of 95 along 95 and to the east and right now the -- only rain we're seeing t is heavy rain across the portions of maryland and you are seeing activity there along route 50. out to
be for this time of year. that's a look at the weather, more is coming up in a bit, lets go julie wright and get an update on traffic. >> still a busy ride out there. much like yesterday, a lot of folks snuck traffic, jammed up from german town to the inner loop. folks bail off of 355, we have problems with signal lights not working properly. they're bailing out on the 270, as a result 270 at a crawl right now for those leaving old georgetown road. you'll find that you're on and off the breaks as you travel from german town down towards 370, then you're really in the thick of it trying to work your way past old georgetown road and exit to the inner loop of the beltway. the change in the traffic pattern due signal lights that aren't working. there are a number of them still around 355, rockville pike that remain dark at this time. the same for those along 29 at tech road, stewart lane, a number of signals. some intersections have generators there to help restore the power for you. some intersections, you're likely to find police direct you through. proceed with caution, pack your patience. no pro
and enjoy. that's a look at weather, let's get to on time traffic. julie wright in the house. >> on t he roads right now, tucker, it's not so bad if you were planning the get-a-way. working your way out through wood ridge. not so busy on 66. we do have delays, leaving poo 50 headed towards 153. sandy point, as you continue over towards kent island, no problems reported on the chesapeake bay bridge. earlier we mentioned a stalled vehicle on the bridge, that's cleared. lanes open through riverdale headed east. >>> some residents from maryland will have to spend the weekend using less water. it'll be a few days before a faulty water main is replaced. sherri ly has the latest on this. >> reporter: you know what? the good thing is, they caught this early, before that water main actually broke. wssc crews had been working around-the-clock trying to make repairs. the next step was for them to cut it out and replace a 16-foot section of the 96-inch water main. water restrictions will remain in place for prince georges and montgomery counties. lynne rigins joins me. >> take shorter showes , don'
. i'll go over the details on your somewhat rainy forecast, coming up. >> julie wright is if with look at your on time traffic.  >> people will be talking about the sting concert at jiffy lube live. they were part of -- winners of our contest. each received a pair of tickets for correctly answering a trivia question about sting last week. >> you could be a winner, too. stay tuned to win a pair of tickets to the "american idol" lives show coming up on july 23rd. >>> yesterday was gorgeous. temperatures in the 90s, you take out the humidity. good looking forecast. more humidity, here today. pattern is quickly changing a we get into the workweek. 92 was the high, yesterday. didn't feel bad. dulles90. starting the day off on a nice note. downtown washington always a little warmer, 74. 64 in gary gatersburg. our high temperatures, upper 80s to 90, more clouds in the forecast and noticeably for humidity as our winds start to shift out of the south. here come the clouds and rainshowers. it is scattered and not particularly well organized. as it gets into the afternoon and late evening
wright with the latest traffic. julie. >>> problems on the top stretch of the beltway at 495 toward university boulevard. the accident now moved over to the shoulder so the lanes are open as you try to work around 495 and the accident scene. but again, traffic jammed up from i-95 college park headed west. if you are traveling 395 northbound, we have slow downs leaving the beltway past edsel and toward seminary. again lanes are open in the main line and h.o.v. no reports on 66. traffic slowing at centreville and nutley street to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> thousands of people in our area are waking up without power this morning which means it's going to be a battle to stay cool in this heat. >> pep row crews are working to restore electricity across the region. one of the places is a neighborhood in northwest d.c. and that's where roger barns joins us live. >> reporter: good morning. pepco sent out an advisory asking for help with the heat wave and now overnight another power outage has thousands of people without electricity. right now pepco has 3
'll try to answer one of those. >> thank you. >>> let's check in with julie wright. >> there are still about 21 intersections without power according to montgomery county police. some, you will fine the traffic lights have been hooked up to yen raters. others, you may find police out there directing you around. the crew in sky fox showed you that same scenario at 29 up at the industrial parkway. list are now down at georgia avenue at university boulevard and this is where we had problems with the signal lights not working. the lane are open as you work your way down towards the beltway. no problems to report coming in out of olney. lanes are open if you are continuing that trip along the capital beltway between college park and bethesda. if you encounter an intersection where the traffic lights are still dark, you need to treat that as a four-way stop. southbound 270, the crash occurred before you reach 109. it is on both shoulders but it is the focal point of that southbound delay which is now backing up from buckiestown. once you get south of 109, the pace is good. no problems to rep
with the weather. now, let's get to julie wright and get an update on traffic. >> 150 signals according to montgomery county, at least 150 still without power. the crew in sky fox flying above 29. that seems to be a hot spot where a number of traffic signals are still without power as you travel between the trader joe's and the fairland road exit. travel ago long some of these intersections where you may find police out there to help you there. other intersections, you have to treat it as a four-way stop. this particular intersection is stewart lane. he do have a couple of cars off to the left turn lane but i don't see anybody actually directing the traffic. this intersection doesn't appear to be as busy as the intersection we showed you a few minutes ago along 29 at fairland road. some will be there with police to assist you there. others you treat as a four-way stop. again, as the rush hour continues o you want to leave earlier, pack your patience. it will be a long ride in. some of the signals may have power today but they are not this rush hour sync. you will be sitting there longer
on this morning's rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> busy downtown along constitution avenue. that is where they were busy investigating an incident along constitution avenue between 18th street and 15th street. still a pouring of that tied up right now along the right side if you are traveling eastbound constitution avenue coming from the roosevelt bridge headed into d.c. right side of the roadblocked off there with no delays. traveling south on 270, lanes are open this morning looking good head out of rockville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> big news for american idol fans. ellen degeneres leading. she says her work schedule is just too much to handle. she is bowing out after just one soap and there is still for replacement for simon. another shake-up for season 10. tmz reporting that kara dioguardi has been booted and the show is going back to the three-judge line-up. rumor is that it will be randy jackson, jennifer lopez and steven tyler. >>> former first dot chelsea clinton getting married tomorrow. wait until you
% chance of seeing the wet weather and storms in the forecast. let's check in with julie wright and see how things are happening out there. >> so far, so good. we do have one hitch in our get along and that is connecticut avenue at van ness in washington. we have reports of accident activity. it looks pretty good. traffic volume very light at this hour. that is working in our favor. southbound 270 in good shape leaving germantown to the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> he is the world's greatest super villain but is he bad enough to thwart the collective will of three little girls were that is the heart of the feature despicable me. kevin mccarthy is here to talk about the movies. we'll talk about predators and despicable me. that sound like just a great movie and you liked it, despicable me? >> they figured out a way to master the 3-d technology. i generally think it is essentially studios saying we'll focus more on the visual and not care about the stewed grow line. universal found a perfect balance between using need as a gimmick but uses it as
looked at the 90 day forecast. >>> and let's go to julie wright. she's certainly going to take advantage of that and she'll look at what is happening with traffic. >> on the roads, busy for those traveling the top stretch of the beltway between 95 and georgia. 95 two separate accidents both in the southbound direction. both on the shoulder. 395 across the 14th street bridge, no problems reported right now. traffic volume is heavy. boundary channel across the potomac and delays on 95, prince william parkway to 123. inner loop in virginia slowing between 236 and 66. southbound 270, delays are easing out of germantown to mva with a stalled car cleared. delays out of rockville toward 28 toward the lane divide. downtown it is u. street closed down around 16th. and d-dot suggested to avoid the area. and the area is slippery and they are there trying to mop up the substance and spread down absorbent so u. street shut down between 16th and 12th. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> another attempt to capture more oil gushing into the gulf of mexico. a new containment vessel is par
of degrees. that was kind of unbearable. >> i hear you. >>> check in with julie wright and find out what's happening on the road. >> we've had some problems this morning, we had a car fire in virginia. the fire has been extinguished but police are on the scene. the inner loop of the beltway grid locked. springfield interchange all of this traffic headed up to 66 that's where we have the stalled bus still blocking that left lane causing a tight squeeze as you guys merge on to 66 in the direction of 270 and around -- so, again, all of this slow traffic from springfield headed up to 66, 66 right into the sunshine on the brakes the entire trip out of centerville to merge on to 495. a lot of bail out traffic right now getting into that traffic lights headed for the -- busy on the south side. delays leaving for south of mga. traffic again. there's a check in for fox 5 on time traffic. >> yesterday's training camp opening up. >> red skins revamped the roster, and themselves bringing in a franchise quarterback. >> where the team will take the field for the f
little break. julie wright, what is happening on the roads out there this were nothing? >> not a lot. >>> a three-judge panel showed the freer department failed to show the government would suffer irreparable injuries if the ban is not restored. the epa says the air in some place as long the louisiana coast is posing a risk to vulnerable people. the chemicals have not yet been directly linked to the spill. leaders in florida are looking to take an unusual step to help fund the clean-up. we have a report. >> reporter: as federal beach clean-up crews walk past tour -- tourists in cocoa beach, one man demanded he see and even touch the tar balls. >> reporter: for tourism officials, the perception is almost as ugly as the tar ball itself. when you saw them coming and picking up tar balls, what did you think? >> it is a little scary. >> there were 40-pound of tar found by the coast guard crew on this eight-mile stretch of sandy beach. >> hardly less than 1% coverage so not very much. >> reporter: this is where beach experts say it likely came from, not the gulf oil spill but the shrimp bo
the details on the forecast. maybe a thunderstorm out there as well this afternoon. julie wright will be in at some point with your traffic. having lots of problems on the beltway at van dorn street. we'll have those details coming up for you in just a couple of minutes.  why do women like you love activia light? sometimes i have no choice but to eat on the run and to eat whatever happens to be around. heavy greasy food that's hard on my diet and my digestive system. so i eat activia light every day. activia light, with bifidus regularis, helps regulate your digestive system in two weeks. mmmm. activia light is not light on taste! and with only 70 calories activia light helps make it easier to watch my weight. it helps me feel good and look good too! ♪ activia >>> welcome back. two big shows out at jiffy lube live this weekend. we are giving you a chance to win tickets to both of them. we are giving away two pairs of tickets to the john mayer concert. you just have to answer the trivia question up on your screen. what instrument does he say he tried for a
to jonbenet and i know somebody who is looking forward to the weekend, julie wright. >> absolutely. aren't we all? >> oh, yeah. >> like lover by, everybody is working for the weekend. >> you got t i got the headband. >> you do. outer loop of the beltway, no big delays to report as you travel the top stretch of the beltway park and bethesda. if you are traveling at the wilson bridge, traffic flowing freely between oxon hill and alexandria. top side, outer loop at speed college park past colesville road. 95, 295 in good shape out of laurel. no problems to report right now 50 to and from the bay bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> for the second time in a month, somebody has gotten trapped in a metro station. weeks ago, two women had to call police to unlock the gates at the cheverly metro station after arriving on the last train. this time ache lone woman was trapped in the virginia square metro station. chrissy shu ge. rs was hoping to take the train back to roslyn where she forgot to transfer to the blue line. she found herself in an empty station all alone. she called
wright with update in traffic. julie. >> we're checking out that commute around town. so again make notice they are in the process of chopping up the tree and removing the pieces, until that happens mass avenue closed in bethesda. let me tell you what's happening along here, callers tell me the stalled vehicle south of 09. that's why it's so complicated right now headed southbound trying to work your way into clarksburg. you guys coming southbound trying to work your way out of 109, better yet jump over to 105 heading to 121. eastbound 66 lanes are open. no problems to report. and again leaving 50 headed eastbound towards 123, northbound -- no incidents to report. that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. >> new york congressman denying stiffing a cabby out of $8. the driver says he wanted him to take him from union station to his hotel and keep the meter running why he dropped off his luggage. according to taxy cab commission if a reaches his destination wants the driver to wait or go to another location that will be considered a new trip. he refused to pay and took off. >> not payi
's a hot one. >>> and let's get a check of traffic with lauren demarco in for julie wright this morning. >> it is great out there. no big problems to talk about right now. we had an accident at 95 at fairfax county parkway but everything is reopened. taking a live look at the mixing bowl. very smooth trip northbound on 95. you have the h.o.v. lanes pointed north and nobody in them right now. but they are -- the restrictions are lifted so if you want to take the h.o.v. lanes you can do so and all area -- on all area roadways except the john hanson highway even though it's a federal holiday. montgomery county, 270, look at this. if you want to sleep in, you should have plenty of extra time for your commute if you do need to head into work or downtown. everything looks great heading southbound on 270 out of germantown toward rockville and the split and no problems to report on the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> well it's only july 5th and already at least six people have died of heat-related causes in maryland this year. that's the same number of heat deaths in
in the afternoon and evening. that's the weather. now here is an update on traffic from julie wright. >> busy now on the beltway outer look. two left lanes now at the scene of the crash, northbound 5. southbound, south capitol street blocking the southbound lanes. southbound 270 slowing here, leaving mva you're slow and steady. again, still dealing with signal lights that are not working. some of the likes have been hooked up to generators. you may find police at some of the intersections, but if not you need to treat it as a four way stop. lanes are open just traffic light delays headed out toward the third street tunnel. that's a check at your fox 5 on time traffic. >>> making headlines, more than 100 democrats defect from their party in passing the war. now this comes days after more than 90,000 top secret documents about the war with leaked. we'll talk about that an other headlines this morningays and attending to other business, david joins us in the gopc currently professor and george washington university. welcome. let's talk first about what's happening here when we talk about this war sp
, now here is julie wright with an update on traffic. >>> the aftermath of all those storms leaving us hurting this morning. got be the belk way before you reach 236 that's where you lose the left lane. it is under water that's due to storm drains that are clogged so until they can unclog those drains and that tarly recedes this is what you're waking up to. inner loop already slow from braddock road trying to work your way around toward 236. we also have callers reporting standing waters as you travel in each direction underneath the beltway traffic can get through that area al be it very slowly. allow some extra time-out there. the trees that we reported down all of that activity has cleared. we were also checking for a crash southbound. that incident cleared, southbound 270 out to a slow start, this is pretty much typical delay for this hour of the morning. no incidents to report continuing further south. you'll find the outer loop with a wreck on the shoulder. folks in tacoma park waking up in the dark which means signal lights will be affected as well. you'll want to treat it as a
riding in. that is my problem. >> lauren demarco in for julie wright. >> we do have something to deal with on the beltway on the inner loop in bridge county just before 210 indian head highway, second lab from the right blocked with a disabled vehicle. no problems on the beltway in montgomery county. -- second lane from the right blocked with a disabled vehicle. no accidents or incidents to report. we are seeing some volume start to build. you can see everybody is running pretty well. 66 also looking pretty good. do want to mention 214 westbound at 4 # 4 davidsonville road shut down because of overnight storm damage. here we are crossing the 14th street bridge as you head northbound 395, going to watch for this new traffic pattern. one lane to the right, two to the left to get by. that will be the case all day. we'll be watching for delays. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> now, let's check the developing story of the train crash in india. at least 61 people are now dead. two packed commuter trains crashed in eastern india overnight. trains were at a station about 125
demarco in for julie wright. >> thank you. things looking pretty good. we do have an accident southbound at 80 urbana. you want to stay to the left to get past that. on the beltway at montgomery county, wave got slow traffic headed from 95 in college park around towards bethesda. you can see everybody on the brakes here on the outer loop. traveling the beltway in virginia and you will find that your lands are open. 66 slow through manassas and route 50 fair oaks towards the vienna metro. here we are heading past route 50 and the vienna metro, you will find sleigh traffic. from nutley street in towards the beltway, you are back up to speed. northbound # 95, watch for the new traffic pattern across the 14th street bridge. right now, no major delays to report. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -- northbound 395, watch for the new traffic pattern across the 14th street bridge. >>> a potential set back for bp just a few days after capping that well that had been leaking oil into the gulf of mexico for three months. stacy cohan joins us live from the newsroom with detail
, tony. and i want to mention that it is julie wright's birthday. >> is it really? today. >> yes. >> happy birthday julie. >> i don't know if she's watching, but happy birthday julie. >> we've been dealing with heavy traffic on 95, north bound out of dale city up to springfield. this is the main lane very heavy and slow the entire stretch of the beltway. southbound heavy as well. because we already have construction set up blocking the right lane at the fairfax county parkway. after that it looks much better further south. you can see the h.o.v. lanes running well. no problem there. northbound 395, mainly heavy from the beltway across the 14th street bridge. that's because of the new traffic pattern that we've got here along with regular volume delays. going around the construction, two lanes to the left, one to the right. on the beltway in virginia, we have delays from the robinson terminal around to route 50, arlington boulevard, that's on the inner loop because of the wreck blocking the right lane. here we are on 66. slowing through manassas past centreville. headed up toward
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